Illustration of hand holding organic cotton tampon


Our customer Jill shares her experience switching to TOTM organic cotton period care. Read her switch story below #SwitchStories


I now don’t experience itchiness.


What is your first name?



Why did you choose to switch to TOTM products?

I switched for two reasons – the health of my body and the planet. I feel good about putting something natural inside my body, that hasn’t been touched by nasty chemicals. It is also great peace of mind knowing that after use, the tampons will biodegrade quickly and naturally.


Had you used organic cotton period care products before using TOTM?



When using conventional period care products (non-organic) did you experience any discomfort or irritation?

Yes, I experienced some itchiness after my period.


What TOTM products did you use/have you trialled?

Non-app tampons



Have you noticed any improvements since switching to organic cotton?

Yes, I now don’t experience itchiness.


Overall, did you find this was a negative or positive experience using the organic products? (Please consider performance, comfort etc)

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance- TOTM products seem just as absorbent as conventional products.


How likely are you to continue using TOTM products?

Extremely likely
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