Illustration of organic sanitary pads


Our customer Hayley shares her experience switching to TOTM organic cotton period care. Read her switch story below #SwitchStories


I have no irritation which makes periods easier to deal with


What is your first name?



Why did you choose to switch to TOTM products?

I was seeing TOTM ads pop up on my feed regularly and I was interested because they were organic and vegan. My previous sanitary products were causing me irritation and pain and when I found out that there were chemicals in pads, I knew I had to give TOTM a go.


Had you used organic cotton period care products before using TOTM?



When using conventional period care products (non-organic) did you experience any discomfort or irritation?

All the time! Eventually, I couldn’t even use tampons because the pain was too much.


What TOTM products did you use/have you trialled?

Applicator tampons

Day pads

Night pads



Have you noticed any improvements since switching to organic cotton?

I have no irritation which makes periods easier to deal with. And I can use tampons again because there are zero chemicals and they also cause me no pain.


Overall, did you find this was a negative or positive experience using the organic products? (Please consider performance, comfort etc)

100% positive! I will continue to use TOTM products.


How likely are you to continue using TOTM products?

Extremely likely